Faces of ACE – Meet Renata Pollock

Faces of ACE – Meet Renata Pollock

We get asked all the time: “What sort of people work at ACE?” It’s a tough question to answer because our membership is so diverse: all ages, backgrounds, industries and work styles are represented under our roof! In this regular feature we’ll try to answer the question by introducing you to some of the awesome professionals who work with us. Meet the Faces of ACE!

Image by Renata Pollock

Q. Tell us about yourself, Renata!

A. I’m a portrait photographer and I love my job! My specialty is studio work, and I create simple and elegant looks where the focus is all on my clients. I really love using lights to create beautiful portraits. I live in Burlington and have a Hot Desk coworking membership at ACE.

Q. What inspired you to get into photography?

A. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, ever since I was young. Anything related to the arts would attract me. I used to be really into ceramics, and after moving to Canada from Brazil in 2001, I started to go to craft shows to sell my pieces. In 2004 I applied to the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and got in! For this juried show I needed really good photos of my work. A photographer helped me take those photos, and after that show, I completely changed paths. Photography has been my passion ever since.

Q. What changes have you had to make to your shoots because of the COVID19 situation? Is it safe to get a headshot?

A. I’m very picky about my clients’ looks. I want to make sure that every hair strand is in place, and their clothes don’t have any awkward folds that we don’t want there. In the past, I’d adjust their hair and clothes myself, but now I ask them to do it themselves. Although I prefer to get everything perfect on camera, it’s no big deal. There’s always Photoshop to fix these little things after. Lately I’m also using my telephoto lenses more. They’re perfect for social distancing, as I have to stand way back to take the pictures. Telephoto lenses are actually ideal for portraits. They don’t cause distortions and give that beautifully blurred background. Of course, hand sanitizer and face masks are in the mix too. I want people to know that it’s totally safe to get a headshot done, and now more than ever, when we are doing everything online, we all need a professional headshot to make a great impression online!

Q. How has coworking been helpful to your biz?

A. For one thing, ACE Coworking is a beautiful location and backdrop for photoshoots. As for doing my editing and other marketing work, I do have a good home office which works some of the time, but I find it’s important to get out of the house and meet people too. That’s where a shared office community like ACE comes in. I’ve made a lot of friends there, plus I really get work done when I go. To me ACE is a networking space as much as a workspace. Plus, I get free coffee and Nancy!

Check out Renata’s full interview in video format here.

Visit Renata Pollock Studio’s website and portfolio here.