Here at ACE we are always amazed at how our members utilize our space and leverage our community to help them and their companies grow. Lately, we are hearing more and more of our members with staff tell us that ACE is one of the best employee-retention tools they have.

By now everyone has heard of the difficulty companies are having finding, hiring, and holding onto great employees. A good pay package, time off, and benefits isn’t enough to make a company stand out when they are looking to fill empty positions these days; there are just too many job vacancies and not enough workers. For small and medium-sized businesses, especially with limited resources, it can be difficult to offer those little extras to a potential hire.

Employee Perk

Our members report that being able to offer our great-looking space to their employees as a place to work from is a huge benefit to their businesses. “Not only have we successfully hired from within the ACE community, but I am 100% convinced that one of the reasons we’ve retained our people is thanks to the camaraderie and positive atmosphere around here,” says Karie Miller, Director of Client Success for Boutique Growth.  

Our offices are bright, modern, perfectly equipped with super-fast and reliable internet, offer free coffee, tea, and filtered water along with multiple places to sit at during the day: shared desks, lounges, standing desks, private phone booths, private meeting rooms and offices. We have that sought-after urban vibe, although we are conveniently located in the ‘burbs.

Coworking Culture

ACE takes care of holiday parties, professional development sessions, and details like that. It saves me a lot of time and effort, and my employees get a richer work environment” explains Jiwan Thapar, CEO of JTE Claims Consultants. We hear this a lot. Since ACE offers a full menu of curated monthly events (happy hours, learning workshops, networking events, book groups, and more) managers and employers don’t need to worry about creating those types of experiences themselves. 

Savvy business owners know that a strong company culture helps them attract, and hold onto, great talent. We know how to nurture that culture in our coworking spaces and our member companies get leverage it into their own businesses.

That Coworking Vibe

Smaller companies get a lot of the benefits of a corporate environment thanks to flex use of a shared space. Rutendo Chidovi, Senior Client Manager at Nacora Insurance Brokers explains it this way: “Working at an office within ACE gives that exciting feeling that you would get in a larger company where there are a lot of diverse people around to talk with and learn from, but at the same time I still get to work for the small boutique firm that I love.”

Rina Carlini, CEO of Optimal Innovation Group, who chose to relocate her team as soon as our new ACE Trafalgar location opened up, cites the atmosphere as something she knew her employees would appreciate. “No one on my team was truly happy working from home, because it felt like ‘living at work.’ ACE’s warm and welcoming community feel helps my team feel great as they go about their work in a beautiful environment.”


Whether you’re in start-up, scaling, or somewhere in between, ACE has a membership plan to suit just about any company and budget. A coworking office rental or membership may be just that little extra benefit you need to help find, and keep, your next hire.


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