Morning Meditations at ACE Coworking

Morning Meditations at ACE Coworking

Office rentals, meeting room rentals, and hot desks are just part of our offerings at ACE Coworking. We are also very proud of our community programming, which includes a workplace wellness component. Our weekly meditation group is part of the mix – and now you too are invited to check it out. Read on to learn more…

Every Tuesday morning for the past two years a morning meditation group has been meeting at ACE Coworking. It’s led by our resident expert, Mark Fornasiero. And now this free 30-minute session is open to our friends and neighbours as well. Yes, that means you!

You don’t need any prior experience with meditation to join us – novices as well as practiced meditators are welcome. These are guided sittings; all you need is an open curious mind to get started.

How can a mindfulness practice improve one’s life? Meditation can help us to:

  • become better friends with our minds
  • manage our emotions
  • bring a more open, balanced awareness to everyday life

Mark’s sessions are based in the tradition of mindful awareness meditation, a secular approach to training the mind and creating a sense of balance and calm. There is no dogma or religion involved. The format is a 20-minute sitting followed by either a Q&A or a brief dharma talk.

We start promptly at 8:30 AM on Tuesdays in the ACE Coworking boardroom. 295 Robinson St, Suite 100. Please arrive a couple of minutes early to get settled in. (Note: street parking in front of our building is free before 9AM.)

To reserve your spot or to ask questions, email Mark directly:

About Mark Fornasiero:

Mark is an accredited meditation instructor and founder of the Clear InsightProgram. “In 2012 I left a 25-year investment banking career behind to step into a future that felt completely foreign to me. A lifetime of habits that were too focused on short-term wins and external validation meant I didn’t have the tools to create the change I wanted to make.

Ten years of focused meditation practice, silent retreats and deep study, have given Mark those vital tools to move forward with clarity. Today he shares his learnings with others through his Clear Insight Program, and also with visitors and members at ACE Coworking.

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ACE Annual Mother’s Day Pop-Up Shop

ACE Annual Mother’s Day Pop-Up Shop

Mother’s Day PopUp Shop

Our Annual PopUp Shop Event includes vendors from our very own “ACE Family.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, they’ll have a variety of gift ideas for you to choose from. Come join us to browse or buy, and bring a friend!

It’s your chance to treat your mother – or yourself – to a unique gift. (A great time to pick up an end-of-year teacher gift or graduation gift too.)

Tuesday, May 9  10AM – 2PM

ACE Robinson Lounge

295 Robinson ST, Oakville

Muge Demirkesen: Enjoy Party Box

“Each of us is unique and so each of my gifts are unique as well! I curate gifts for your loved ones, whether baskets, boxes or other surprise bundles. I love to turn any day into a memorable one with creativity and flair! Anyone who enjoys life can be my customer!” Various price points to suit your budget.

Cara Penkett: Wishing Charms

Created in Bali by Cara Penkett, Handmade of 925 Sterling Silver, blessed with love. Wishing Charms bracelets hold a similar meaning to those given at Balinese ceremonies (Benang tri datu). Blessed by priests, they protect the wearer and are not to be taken off. Cara created Wishing Charms to bestow her kids with constant blessings during their move back to Canada. She is happy to share her charms with you.

Siobhan Kukolic:  Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot offers fashionable, affordable jewelry and accessories that help women style their own life. Treat yourself, a friend or a mom for Mother’s Day with some Stella & Dot jewelry and accessory samples. Prices are all half-off regular!! Plus pretty boxes for gifting.

Christine Da Costa: Decor by Christine

 Decorative Accents for the home, curated by one of the stylish experts at Aspire Design Group. “Where style meets home! Here you will find a collection of home decor pieces that inspire me. I have selected stylish, on-trend fashionable decor accents to hopefully create and reinforce your ‘sense of home.’”

Christa Dionne: Christa’s Tea Shop

 Christa will have some special yummy hot and cold brews ready for us to sample. Plus an array of items to purchase as gifts. “Health and wellness can start with a single sip. Sipology delivers nourishing ingredients to every cup. Steeping up delicious drinks – hot, cold, as a mocktail or a cocktail using all natural ingredients.”

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Earth Day Shout-out to Oakvillegreen

Earth Day Shout-out to Oakvillegreen

It’s Earth Day! Here’s what we are thinking about at ACE Coworking this week, and in fact throughout the year…

earth day clean up

Do you know our friends at Oakvillegreen Conservation Group? This non-partisan environmental charity has been helping to protect and restore nature through community education and local action since 2000. We are so proud to have this organization in the “ACE family” – and seeing as it’s Earth Week, we are giving them a well-deserved shout-out.

What is Oakvillegreen?

Working closely with thousands of volunteers, this hard-working NFP organization strives to protect and restore the ecological functions of our local lands and waters. Through local, collaborative action they make a real difference in our community. Their approach is to empower all of us by providing tools, knowledge, and opportunities to create a greener hometown. In-class workshops, outdoor learning activities, partnerships with educators are a big part of the programming.

Speaking of programming, this weekend Oakvillegreen and a bunch of eager volunteers gathered at Buttonbush Woods Park for their Annual Park Clean Up event. This is just one example of the interactive eco-friendly events they organize for people of all ages. If you missed it, don’t worry! Just visit their event calendar for more impactful and enjoyable events to participate in.

Honourary ACE Coworking Membership

It’s because of this amazing work that they do, and because of how aligned our values are, that Oakvillegreen was selected as our free-of-charge Honourary ACE Member for 2022-2023. One of the founding principles of the coworking industry is sustainability & environmental responsibility, so we are a perfect fit for each other!

They hold their board meetings in our space free of charge, and we also support by promoting their initiatives to our members and beyond. We are super proud to be partners with them! (By the way, we will be selecting a new Honourary NFP Member for 2023-2024 in September, so if you know of a worthy organization have them get in touch with us for more information: 

How is coworking aligned with green initiatives? 

Coworking in general allows people to work closer to home, thus eliminating long commutes. So hybrid and flex working is inherently more friendly to the environment. In addition, here are some things we do at ACE to make our space as green as possible every day:

  • We encourage ACE members to walk or cycle to work, and many do!
  • We do not allow single use plastics in our spaces, but rather provide reusable mugs, glassware, kitchenware, etc.
  • Disposable plastic water bottles are never welcome at ACE.
  • Members and staff turn off lights and appliances not in use.
  • We upgraded all our lighting to greener LED fixtures.
  • We partner with eco-conscious coffee and beverage providers.
  • Recycle, recycle recycle… we 💚 our blue bins.
  • We support Oakvillegreen!

It’s our aim to be a zero-waste coworking space, but we are always looking for ways to improve.⁠ If you have ideas for us, we would love to hear them. Email us at with your ideas or text 289-801-8731.

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Follow Oakvillegreen on all their social channels to learn more and/or get more involved.

Gift Books for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Gift Books for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

It’s that gift-giving time of year. Are you scratching your head as you stare at your list? Out of ideas? A great book is always a good option, whether for a coworker, friend or family member – and if you buy from a local bookseller, so much the better!

We’ve decided to help you out by interviewing some of the most avid readers in our ACE Coworking community. We asked for their recommendations for the best books for creatives and entrepreneurs. Here you go…

Essentialism, by Greg McKeown

“Do you have friends who always answer ‘super busy’ when you ask ‘how are you?’ This gift is for them. In this amazing book, McKeown explores the conflicts of identifying what is actually essential in a world full of things to-do. It provides effective solutions for anyone who feels that 24 hours are not enough!” 

– María Virginia Anzola: Co-founder, The FlipSide Plan

The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer 

“This is not your typical business/entrepreneurship book. Of course, there is the requisite story of how Singer built a billion-dollar public software company from scratch. But the real impact comes from the author’s spiritual awakening and willingness to let life’s flow help determine his business decision-making. Throughout, he demonstrates how a very successful external life is perfectly consistent with achieving profoundly deep states of inner peace and freedom.”

– Mark Fornasiero, Meditation & Business Coach 

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

“This is the book I read and re-read regularly, talk about too much, and think about often. It’s about creativity, but it’s also about a philosophy of living. It inspires me to move beyond fear and see my life as a creative adventure guided by my curiosity. Anyone I’ve ever gifted it to feels the same way.”

– Diliana Popova: Copywriter/Founder,  Spell Book 

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

“We are either living in the memories of the past, or worries of the future. In both cases we attract the emotions of these thoughts, which eventually affect the present moment. The Power of Now tackles the idea of how to live in the moment and stop worrying about the future or regretting the past. This transformative book has actionable strategies to start living in the present – everyone should read it!”

– Moatassem Moatez: CEO, MYCourier Inc.

Play Bigger, by Lockhard, Ramadan, Maney & Peterson

“If you have a true entrepreneur or innovator in your life, then I’d recommend Play Bigger. Written for those who want to build legendary and enduring companies. (Yes, we’re talking about companies like Apple, Salesforce, Blackberry…) The authors teach about the new discipline of “category design” for companies that are creating new market demand for products or services where none existed before, and show how to keep those customers wanting more. The Kindle version is great so you can easily highlight and download the numerous insights scattered throughout this book.”

– Rina Carlini: CEO, Optimal Innovation Group

Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson, M.D. 

“This book has been around forever, but is still a classic. I’ve given it many times, and there’s even a version called Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens, which I’ve gifted to my own kids. It applies not only to career situations, but also to the ups and downs of life itself. How will you react to the inevitable changes you’ll face on your journey? In this enlightening parable, Spencer describes 4 types of “mice” who are challenged in various ways – any reader is sure to identify with one (or more) of them. Bonus: it’s a quick read!” 

– Kevin Palmer: CFO, Greywolf Animal Health 

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Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

Coworking is great because so many diverse professionals and experts gather under one roof! We often invite our member-experts to share their knowledge during our informative Lunch & Learn series so we can all learn from one another. Most recently The FlipSide Plan presented to us on the topic of Time Management. They offered us all sorts of great tips at that session, but perhaps the most useful was their advice on establishing “Opening and Closing Routines.”

contributed by Maria Virginia Anzola

Time, time… we all need more time!

In households with small children, getting ready for school takes a lot of time. (Teenagers might take even longer sometimes!) In afternoons, parents are often like glorified chauffeurs with so many extracurriculars in the mix. Then comes homework support, pet care, cook – eat – clean-up, plus preparation for the next day still needs to happen. Phew.

Even without the responsibilities of family life, the demands of a workday can add up. Whether it’s due to long commutes, endless meetings, or unexpected snafus, rushing about becomes our norm and “I’m swamped” becomes the regular answer to “How are you?”

Planning is Everything

When we wake up without a set morning routine and rush to get to work or scramble to get kids to school, we are very likely to arrive at our desk, open our computer and dive headlong into emails without a plan. This is how our days become chaotic. Similarly, at the end of the workday, when computers are abruptly shut down and today’s problems are left for tomorrow, we have a hard time relaxing in the evening and winding down. Winding down is so very important for our mental health and optimal performance. We want to avoid bringing our work home as much as possible!

Is there a solution? Absolutely.

Magic of an Opening Routine

The first thing we recommend to our clients is to create an “opening routine.” This is not the same as a “morning routine” –– rather it’s a plan created specifically for the start of your workday. Each of us will have specific activities for that routine depending on our jobs and workstyles, but here are some ideas:

  • Start by opening your planner (if you have one) or your computer calendar. Review your to-do list, which should have been written the night before. (More on that later.)
  • Check your emails but don’t reply to any of them.
  • Read emails and identify which need immediate attention and which can wait.
  • Mark those that you won’t address as “unread.” (We love to use this technique to make sure we don’t lose them in our busy inbox.)
  • Check your scheduled meetings, appointments, calls so you can fully visualize your day.

Once all this is done you can get started! It’s a short and sweet routine: 5, 10, or 20 minutes. There’s no magic number. The important part is to block this time in your calendar, so that you’re not required to go into a meeting or a call. This is a morning routine for work purposes – respect the boundary!

Let’s remember that life happens. Having an “opening routine” doesn’t guarantee your day will always go as planned. But having a routine to follow at the beginning of your workday will provide you with clarity on what you can expect from your day. This way, even if things derail at some point, you’ll have a solid plan to return to once the chaos is over.

Closing Routine: Must-Do

The next tool we absolutely depend on for calm and sanity is the “closing routine.” Why is it so important to wellness? Because the unfinished tasks of our workday claim the mind’s attention during the evening, affecting how we rest or sleep. It’s called the “Zeigarnik effect,” named for the early 20th-century psychologist who studied this phenomenon.  

Avoiding the Zeigarnik effect is simple: at some point well before bedtime, take 10 to 20 minutes to set up for the next day. Most importantly, plan (in writing) how and when you will finish your unfinished tasks. 

The closing routine is the perfect time to create a to-do list for the next day(s). It’s also the time to look at what you already have on the schedule and ensure that your list can realistically fit into your agenda. Review your inbox and catch up on any unanswered emails or identify those that will need your attention tomorrow. Get organized so that you can fully leave your office, WFH desk, or coworking space, confident that things will be taken care of in the morning.

Remember, time management is a skill that can be developed and personalized one day at a time.  Being firm but flexible is key. If you are truly interested in making it work, and can commit to consistency, you will start seeing results very soon that will last a lifetime.

ACE Coworking members, Rosana Fernandez and MV Anzola, are the co-founders of The FlipSide Plan. They are credentialed professional coaches known for designing, managing and delivering top-notch corporate wellness workshops and programs on health and productivity. Follow ACE Coworking & The FlipSide Plan on social media to stay up-to-date on our regular co-hosted Lunch & Learn Workshops, which you are welcome to attend!


ACE Trafalgar Grand Opening

ACE Trafalgar Grand Opening

Launch Party and Open House at ACE Coworking this summer – successfully making more and more connections among entrepreneurs and professionals around Halton!

Oakville Office Launch Celebration!

Oakville’s newest shared offices are at ACE Coworking’s second location, 132 Trafalgar Rd, in the heart of downtown. Although ACE Trafalgar has been partially open since Spring 2022, the official grand opening celebration took place in the facility’s stylish lounge on August 9th.

The date was chosen to coincide with International Coworking Day, a holiday in which coworking space operators around the world pause to celebrate and showcase this flexible, collaborative and ever-more relevant style of working.

The event featured delicious food by Parlato’s Catering, an open bar, new and old friends connecting, and “good vibes” all around. ACE founder, Nancy Fornasiero, said “It’s just our small way of saying thanks to the wonderful people who make the ACE community awesome,” adding: “It’s also a nice way to celebrate our continued growth here in Halton.” It was also a chance to publicly acknowledge the creative work done on the office renovation by Deb Richmond Designs.

In addition, an Open House was held on August 8 through 10 at the original ACE location (295 Robinson St). It was an opportunity for locals who had always wondered about coworking to try hot desking at no cost for a few days.

Several local businesses supported ACE Coworking during their Launch Party and Open House, including:

– Flourish & Bask: a charming neighbourhood shop that sells everything needed for home bartending and entertaining.⁠ Owner, Chantal Ingram, treated guests to a specialty mocktail featuring Flourish & Bask ingredients.

– Crank Lite Lager: created by a couple of young local entrepreneurs, this beer is perfect for those in search of a lighter style brew.

– Zirkova Vodka⁠: Ukrainian-Canadian premium vodka makers whose administrative headquarters are at ACE Coworking. (Zirkova send a portion of all profits directly to Ukraine’s humanitarian aid programs.)

– Mary’s Muffins⁠: Local baker making all-natural, super tasty, wholesome treats. (Try them with this 10% discount code – MUFFINS10)

– Oakville authors: Catherine Harrison, Three Colours, Twelve Notes; Siobhan Kukolic, The Treasure You Seek

– Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Association

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        Coworking Day 2022 at ACE

        Coworking Day 2022 at ACE

        by Nancy Fornasiero

        Every year on August 9th, coworking space operators everywhere celebrate International Coworking Day. It’s a chance to educate the public about coworking and the benefits of flexible work options. We also get to say thank you to the awesome people who make up our communities.

        At ACE Coworking, we’re excited to be celebrating our industry’s 17th birthday along with our coworking friends around the world. We are all grateful to have survived the recent tough pandemic years, and feeling very optimistic about a future that is embracing hybrid and flex-style workplaces.

        What exactly is International Coworking Day about? It marks the anniversary of the day Brad Neuberg first brought modern-day coworking into the world. You can still see Brad’s original blog post announcing the first North American coworking space here. Coworking has come a long way since then – with ups and downs – but the spirit of collaboration and connection is as strong as ever. 

        This year at ACE we will be marking the occasion in a couple of ways:⁠

        1️⃣ OPEN HOUSE! ⁠

        If you have always wondered about coworking, or what it’s like to work with us at ACE, then please come try us out for FREE on Monday August 8th, Tuesday 9th, and/or Wednesday 10th. Day passes are normally $25/ea, but for these three days we are holding a no-cost Open House just for YOU.⁠

        Claim a hot desk spot by emailing us at Please indicate which day(s) you are coming. (Multiple days are okay too! Just let us know when to expect you.)⁠

        While at ACE, drop your business card in our raffle box for a chance to win one of our door prizes – including a gift basket for coffee-lovers, gift basket for book lovers, Zirkova Vodka gift box, or even a one-month ACE membership!⁠ (You might even score a free donut or two.)

        2️⃣ PARTY! 🎉⁠

        Current ACE Coworking members are in for a treat. We’ll be hosting a member appreciation event at our newest ACE location: 132 Trafalgar Rd. There will be food, cocktails, friends and good vibes from 5 to 7pm. It’s our way of saying thanks to the wonderful people who make our community awesome. 





        Office Space, WFH, Hybrid: What’s the best “place”?

        Office Space, WFH, Hybrid: What’s the best “place”?

        by Catherine Harrison

        Place /plās/ : a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone.

        The modern workplace has shifted and shaped over the past 20 years – with the pandemic accelerating change even more. Until recently, we had office-goers or gig-economy freelancers, home-office entrepreneurs or corporate rush-hour types. COVID-19 threw all that into a blender and tilted how, when, and where we work, creating new confabulations and opportunities. The “place” where we work has evolved immensely.

        Even pre-COVID, work had been shifting. Offices had been morphing from cubicles to open shared spaces, creating nomadic work pods and enabling ‘working from home,’ and for traveling professionals, they could ‘work from anywhere. 

        Now, as we begin 2022, all this is up for grabs, inviting new iterations to truly reimagine what it means to work and where we can do it best. 

        Right now, leaders are determining what the new work world will look like for our teams: those administrative and professional workers who go (or used to go) to the office to get work done. Our choices seem to be: all-office, all-remote, or a hybrid of the two. But coworking spaces are emerging as an important option too. Let’s explore this new way to work. 



        Humans flourish with a balance of connection, quietude, positive energy, new ideas, development opportunities; a sense of both autonomy and inclusion; and a measure of predictability combined with flexibility. Where does this happen best? Although employees exist at either end of the spectrum – I need my office! I love working from home! – many do best with some time working from home combined with time around others at a work ‘place.’ 

        The claustrophobic WFH “Groundhog Day feeling” has caused its share of mental health issues during the pandemic. Countless workers have reported feelings of loneliness, and increased stress that comes with blurred lines between work and home. 

        Coworking spaces can help mitigate these issues. We know there are psychological benefits when work life is separated from home life. When solo work is balanced with teamwork. When in-person is balanced with virtual.  When we provide options and opportunities for an employee, their overall health and wellness improves, and we both reap sustainable benefits.



        According to research carried out by Pauline Roussel, companies understand that “… coworking spaces can be a part of an office management strategy and a work strategy for their employees. It’s already started: certain companies, such as Spotify, give their employees a monthly coworking budget.” 

        Successful coworking spaces offer beautiful surroundings, ergonomically friendly chairs, healthy food and drink options, printers, reliable free WIFI, mail service and concierge options, and enough space to blend solo work with open concept.

        Imagine walking to work! Driving less than 15 minutes! Hopping on a local bus or riding your bike! Shorter commutes to a local coworking space can translate to valuable time and energy spent on high-quality work or improved work-life balance. Stress is reduced. Consider the employee who shares living space with others: they may lack privacy or a professional-looking environment for their video meetings. A coworking space offers these benefits, increasing both their efficiency and creativity now that they’ve been relieved of distractions like doorbells, dogs, and kiddies. 

        Employers can now create teams in multiple locations at lower costs, with no long-term commitment. When Dialpad Inc. scaled, for example, they decided to use coworking spaces in lieu of satellite offices, allowing for greater versatility. Also, as travel restrictions lift, coworking spaces will appeal to out-of-town businesspeople needing temporary workplaces. 



         Coworking also boosts local economies. Employees buy lunch, coffee, and even do their retail shopping closer to home. Imagine all the spending happening in your own neighbourhood, instead of the corporate office’s neighborhood, far from home?

        Shared office space is also a great way of building up local relationships; people are more likely to network with people from other companies and swap ideas. It reminds me of the Village Square: different proprietors working separately but together. It also requires leaders to think creatively about manifesting and cultivating a corporate culture where employees feel connected and aligned with their company of employment while they mingle with others in a coworking space. 

        Whether you be a sole proprietor, run a small business or multinational corporation, consider how a coworking spacemight be a meaningful part of your ‘workplace’ strategy. It will likely help your bottom line, and more importantly, support the psychological and physiological wellbeing of your employees. A true win–win.

        If you’d like to learn more about coworking, whether a flexible hot desk or a private office, we would love to show you around ACE Coworking.

        Book a tour here.


        You’re invited you to join us at our next ACE Book Talk on Wednesday, February 23 from 8:45–9:30am. We will be discussing Three Colors, Twelve Notes, by our guest blogger, Catherine Harrison. This insightful read is a memoir and a guidebook for the curious and those who want to learn how to cultivate a reflective mindset. Email us at if you’d like to reserve a spot.

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        Tech Entrepreneurs Compete at Hi5

        Tech Entrepreneurs Compete at Hi5

        ACE Coworking is excited to partner with HALTECH to support local tech innovators through the 5th Annual Hi5 pitch competition. Learn more here… 


        Halton’s Regional Innovation Centre, HALTECH, formed a close alliance with us at ACE Coworking ever since we first opened our doors in 2018. We’ve partnered with them to present several educational workshops and seminars at our own space. In addition, our members – especially those who work in tech – have benefitted from the many resources and events provided by Haltech at their Burlington-based HQ. It has been a great symbiotic friendship!

        Never heard of HALTECH? If you live in Halton and work in technology, you must check them out!

        Haltech’s staff and team of experienced advisors work hard to help advance local tech-based innovators in businesses of every size – from start-ups to global corporations. They offer free business advisory services, learning workshops on entrepreneurship and commercialization, assistance in forging strategic connections, and supports for corporate innovation programs.


        For the past five years, Haltech has hosted the Hi5 Pitch Competition – this year ACE is proud to partner with them to bring this exciting event to life! Hi5 features five of Haltech’s most promising clients: each is given five minutes to pitch for a winning prize of $5,000. In addition the winner will receive $1200-worth of access to ACE Coworking’s meeting space.

        The competition is a valuable opportunity for local tech start-ups to generate awareness about their projects, while building the vital skills needed to present in front of an audience and investors.


        The pitch event takes place on Thursday, November 25 from 3–5pm, and will be held in a virtual format. More information and registration here. Plan to arrive early for open networking and a chance to meet the Hi5 contestants.


        In July, Haltech celebrated their tenth anniversary! We were delighted to be part of the event which commemorated a decade of the organization’s commitment to local innovators. If you’d like to learn more about Haltech, this anniversary video gives an overview of how they’ve influenced and supported industry leaders across the local ecosystem. 



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        Why We’re Excited About the Future, and the Future of Work

        Why We’re Excited About the Future, and the Future of Work

        by Mark Fornasiero

        Welcome to post #1 of our ACE Coworking blog! We’re excited to be sharing insights for your business and personal growth here. We are going to discuss a wide array of topics. Although we’re not sure exactly where this will take us, we look forward to giving a platform to our community so that they can share their knowledge, skills and insights. Let’s go!

        Image by Sam Fornasiero

        Why We’re Excited About the Future, and the Future of Work

        We know there’s been a lot of hardship experienced out there since the onset of the pandemic. That pain is real. We acknowledge it, and we were not immune to it either. BUT, there is so much to be excited about for the future of business growth, especially in our industry. We are all in the midst of embracing new ways to work, figuring out how to fit it into our unique lives and situations. The future will almost certainly involve more coworking, collaboration, and community. The trends were heading this way before COVID showed up anyway; the virus just hit the accelerator pedal. And in a big way!

        Coworking is on pace to grow another 15% in 2020 (lower than the 25% of the previous few years) and will continue to make its way into the suburbs and cities outside major metropolitan centres. Today there are two million people working in coworking spaces globally. That’s a tiny fraction of the working population. With the trend pointing to that number growing to more than 5 million by 2024, you can see why we’re so excited about the future.

        More than three quarters of coworking operators are looking to add space and expand this year. That is pretty amazing. The average coworking space is very similar to ACE: about 7,000 square feet and 85 members. That means lots of room for independent owner-operated coworking spaces that focus on building a community and sense of belonging.

        In the post-COVID world, coworking consumers will be looking for more private offices and flexibility in membership terms. We anticipate more investment and innovation in this sector from space owners and operators.

        This is great news if you are a coworking space owner/operator. But, what if you’re not? No matter what field you’re in, remember this: huge shifts like the one we are experiencing always create as much opportunity as they do mayhem. The trick is to slow down, turn off the noise machine, and make balanced assessment of your situation. You may have to tweak your business or do a major overhaul. Doing nothing is probably not an option. But there are definitely opportunities out there for you to grow and change your business or career.

        You know, COVID might be the perfect excuse you need to make that big change you’ve always thought about. Now there’s something to get excited about!

        Mark Fornasiero is the co-founder of ACE Coworking and an independent consultant specializing in growth-and-exit strategies for privately-held enterprises. Mark also provides professional consulting to entrepreneurs looking to launch and operate their own independent coworking spaces.