Earth Day Shout-out to Oakvillegreen

Earth Day Shout-out to Oakvillegreen

It’s Earth Day! Here’s what we are thinking about at ACE Coworking this week, and in fact throughout the year…

earth day clean up

Do you know our friends at Oakvillegreen Conservation Group? This non-partisan environmental charity has been helping to protect and restore nature through community education and local action since 2000. We are so proud to have this organization in the “ACE family” – and seeing as it’s Earth Week, we are giving them a well-deserved shout-out.

What is Oakvillegreen?

Working closely with thousands of volunteers, this hard-working NFP organization strives to protect and restore the ecological functions of our local lands and waters. Through local, collaborative action they make a real difference in our community. Their approach is to empower all of us by providing tools, knowledge, and opportunities to create a greener hometown. In-class workshops, outdoor learning activities, partnerships with educators are a big part of the programming.

Speaking of programming, this weekend Oakvillegreen and a bunch of eager volunteers gathered at Buttonbush Woods Park for their Annual Park Clean Up event. This is just one example of the interactive eco-friendly events they organize for people of all ages. If you missed it, don’t worry! Just visit their event calendar for more impactful and enjoyable events to participate in.

Honourary ACE Coworking Membership

It’s because of this amazing work that they do, and because of how aligned our values are, that Oakvillegreen was selected as our free-of-charge Honourary ACE Member for 2022-2023. One of the founding principles of the coworking industry is sustainability & environmental responsibility, so we are a perfect fit for each other!

They hold their board meetings in our space free of charge, and we also support by promoting their initiatives to our members and beyond. We are super proud to be partners with them! (By the way, we will be selecting a new Honourary NFP Member for 2023-2024 in September, so if you know of a worthy organization have them get in touch with us for more information: 

How is coworking aligned with green initiatives? 

Coworking in general allows people to work closer to home, thus eliminating long commutes. So hybrid and flex working is inherently more friendly to the environment. In addition, here are some things we do at ACE to make our space as green as possible every day:

  • We encourage ACE members to walk or cycle to work, and many do!
  • We do not allow single use plastics in our spaces, but rather provide reusable mugs, glassware, kitchenware, etc.
  • Disposable plastic water bottles are never welcome at ACE.
  • Members and staff turn off lights and appliances not in use.
  • We upgraded all our lighting to greener LED fixtures.
  • We partner with eco-conscious coffee and beverage providers.
  • Recycle, recycle recycle… we 💚 our blue bins.
  • We support Oakvillegreen!

It’s our aim to be a zero-waste coworking space, but we are always looking for ways to improve.⁠ If you have ideas for us, we would love to hear them. Email us at with your ideas or text 289-801-8731.

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Follow Oakvillegreen on all their social channels to learn more and/or get more involved.

Traditional Office Lease Vs. Coworking Private Office

Traditional Office Lease Vs. Coworking Private Office

by Mark Fornasiero

Now that we have finally dug out of the last of our lockdown restrictions, people are looking to make some long-term decisions about how and where they will work. We know that commuting to a central office five days a week is not in the cards for many people. But continuing to have a separate place to work outside of your home is still essential for your mental health, for maintaining a healthy boundary between your work and family life, and as a productivity tool. (No distractions like the fridge, Netflix, laundry or pets when you are at an office!)

If you’re trying to decide between renting your own private office for you and your team or opting for a managed office space like you’d find in a coworking location, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Coworking memberships are designed to be flexible, with no long-term commitments like you will find in a regular office lease from a traditional landlord. Typically, an office membership at a shared space is between 6 to 12 months in length. Businesses change, the environment changes (as we know) and knowing that you aren’t on the hook for a 5-year lease will give you great peace of mind.  


When you take a private office in a coworking space you get much more than four walls and a door. You get access to a great community of like-minded people who value community and are serious about getting work done. At ACE we have a full calendar of events to support our members’ wellness, social life, educational opportunities and business growth. Of course, you can make as much use of these events as you choose. Whether a member likes to attend a little of everything or prefers to keep their head down and work, it’s nice to know the opportunity to connect is there if they want it.


A good shared office space will have lots of places for you and your team to work other than just your office. Boardrooms, lounges, café areas and phone booths are all at your finger tips at ACE Coworking and at most well-appointed spaces. Make sure you book a tour before signing up to check all these out.


If you’re considering an office lease with a traditional landlord, don’t forget that you will still have a lot of other expenses and jobs ahead: you’ll need to arrange your own internet service, cleaning service, schedule the purchase of coffee and office supplies, buy renters’ insurance, and be available when the Amazon delivery shows up. A good coworking space will often have a couple of internet providers to make sure you’re always connected and definitely have someone on site to handle the inevitable IT problems that pop up.


Finding the best way to work as we enter this new, exciting future is an important decision. Make sure you take a holistic view of all the factors that will affect where and how you work. Most coworking spaces with private offices will offer a free trial day where you can see if a shared workspace is a good fit for you. That is probably the best thing you can do to help you make a choice between a fixed, long-term lease and a flexible membership-based shared office space.


Mark Fornasiero is the co-founder of ACE Coworking and the creator of The Clear Insight Program. An avid practitioner of mindfulness meditation, Mark also provides professional consulting to entrepreneurs looking to launch and operate their own independent coworking spaces.

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