Morning Meditations at ACE Coworking

Morning Meditations at ACE Coworking

Experience peaceful mornings at Ace Coworking with guided meditations. Start your day with tranquility and focus, fostering a productive and balanced work environment. Join us now!

Every Tuesday morning for the past two years a morning meditation group has been meeting at ACE Coworking. It’s led by our resident expert, Mark Fornasiero. And now this free 30-minute session is open to our friends and neighbours as well. Yes, that means you!

You don’t need any prior experience with meditation to join us – novices as well as practiced meditators are welcome. These are guided sittings; all you need is an open curious mind to get started.

How can a mindfulness practice improve one’s life? Meditation can help us to:

  • become better friends with our minds
  • manage our emotions
  • bring a more open, balanced awareness to everyday life

Mark’s sessions are based in the tradition of mindful awareness meditation, a secular approach to training the mind and creating a sense of balance and calm. There is no dogma or religion involved. The format is a 20-minute sitting followed by either a Q&A or a brief dharma talk.

We start promptly at 8:30 AM on Tuesdays in the ACE Coworking boardroom. 295 Robinson St, Suite 100. Please arrive a couple of minutes early to get settled in. (Note: street parking in front of our building is free before 9AM.)

To reserve your spot or to ask questions, email Mark directly:

About Mark Fornasiero:

Mark is an accredited meditation instructor and founder of the Clear InsightProgram. “In 2012 I left a 25-year investment banking career behind to step into a future that felt completely foreign to me. A lifetime of habits that were too focused on short-term wins and external validation meant I didn’t have the tools to create the change I wanted to make.

Ten years of focused meditation practice, silent retreats and deep study, have given Mark those vital tools to move forward with clarity. Today he shares his learnings with others through his Clear Insight Program, and also with visitors and members at ACE Coworking.

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